Russian pavilion opens at Beijing gardening exposition EXPO-2019

The topic of the Russia's exposition is "Russian garden: from roots to fruits". Russian Deputy Minister of industry and trade Alexey Gruzdev delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.

What Russia presented

There were presented about 100 types of plants in the Russian pavilion which was of more than 1800 sqare meters. Among the plants were flowers and medical plants. The main buildings at the exhibition square were three very special buildings that were reminiscent of huge haystacks. Each of the stacks had a hand-made picture by Russian artist Natalya Goncharova - the painting work was done in St. Petersburg.
Besides that, a special technology has been presented - laser treatment of plant roots. Owing to that technology plants can endure more unfavourable conditions and their productivity increases.

What happened in the Russian pavilion

After the opening ceremony Mr Gruzdev showed how the laser treatment techology worked, then he planted a sea buckthorn in the garden. He noted that Russia has always been a participant at many world EXPOs and that the Russian gardening culture had its roots deep in history - up to IX century. The Deputy Minister also said that "after hundreds years of development, parks and gardens have become an integral part of a city ecosystem".