China Export and CE marking

Why two markings are confused
Consumers are used to thinking that if an item has CE marking, it is guaranteed to be safe. That being said, there is another marking that many customers and even sellers perceive as CE marking of the European Union, but in fact it indicates that the product has been made in China (i.e. sometimes CE stands for 'China Export').


CE marking is a necessary quality mark for any type of production before selling it in the EU economic zone. Sometimes it is called as CE sign or CE mark. By applying CE marking to the production a seller claims that the product is in consistence with the requirements of the respective EU directives, which means the product is safe and of high quality.

China Export marking

China Export marking says that the product was made in China. Under the EU legislation, if you are a provider or importer of different types of production into the EU and your production needs to be legally marked, you bear full responsibility for putting your goods in accordance with the directives and standards.