Chinese consumer electronics companies on path to recovery

Although the epidemic is raging, it can't stop the exchanges and cooperation between China and Russia
Although the epidemic is raging, it can't stop the exchanges and cooperation between China and Russia. At Shanghai, for the first time, Chinese enterprises loaded 14857 tons of Russian soybeans imported from Russia in 10000 ton ship, and arrived at Nantong port of Jiangsu Province on 4thMarch. It is expected that the import will be further expanded in the future.

The railway freight volume was not affected

Besides, the freight volume of China Russia railway in February was not affected by the epidemic, but rose 10% against the trend, becoming a highlight of bilateral cooperation under the epidemic. In the air, even in the most difficult times, the necessary flights between China and Russia have never been interrupted. Only between Beijing and Moscow, there are eight flights a week. It is particularly gratifying that in the first two months of this year, the trade volume between China and Russia increased by 5.6% year-on-year to US $17.1 billion.

2020: innovative science and technology year

2020 marks the beginning of Sino-Russia innovative science and technology year. The two sides will start with scientific research cooperation on epidemic prevention, make full use of China Russia science and technology innovation fund, fully activate the potential of R&D cooperation of the two countries in 5G technology, big data, e-commerce and other cutting-edge areas, and promote the scientific and technological innovation cooperation between the two countries to achieve more practical results.

According to the agreement signed in June 2019, Huawei and MTS, Russia's largest telecom company, officially cooperate to develop 5G technology and launch 5G network in Russia, laying a solid foundation for Russia to enter the 5G era in an all-round way. In February this year, Alibaba Express showed high quality and convenient shopping experience. These cooperation projects are imperceptibly changing people's daily life and continuously adding new impetus and connotation to China Russia relations in the new era.
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