OEM & ODM in China: What's Better?

Types of Garments Production in China
Which type of garments production in China is better? How do we choose a factory, promising market nishes? Let us consider the pros and cons of ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing).

Original Design Manufacturer

Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) is the way of manufacturing a product specified and eventually branded by another firm. It means that you only have to design sketches of models but a Chinese contractor performs all other steps.
On the one hand, your unique design is a big plus, which provides you with a considerable competitive advantage. On the other hand, your company ought to be in command of all necessary resources – designers, technologists etc. Moreover, you have to control the production at all steps.

Original Equipment Manufacture

Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) is a contract production of already existing things but under your own trade mark. In fact, it means the copying of already existing products in China.
A plus is that this type of production is quick and cost-effective. That being said, your product is not unique (though this type of production is often oriented at a specific country). However, if your product is not oriented at a specific market, it is highly likely not adjusted to it. For instance, the size, design and other things may not fit the customers in the import country.