We are in the story of the Chinese news channel CGTN

Watch the episode about the relationship between Russian and Chinese cultures
This year, Russia and China celebrate the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, and 2024-2025 have been declared the Years of Culture of China and Russia which is an important step in the development of cooperation between our countries. CGTN, a Chinese international news channel, has prepared an interesting reportage about the relationship between Russian and Chinese cultures.
The episode tells about the most famous restaurant of Russian cuisine in China, the premiere of a Russian ballet performance in Beijing, and the growing popularity of the Chinese language in our country. Sergey Gorsky, CEO of Gefera Media, the company that organizes the China Commodity Fair and China Machinery Fair also took part in the episode. Sergey told about how the share of Chinese companies in the structure of our events has grown and confirmed the interest of employers in specialists who speaks Chinese.

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