End of the Second Day
or what happened on June 19 in Expocentre
International Commodity Fair 2019 continued working in Expocentre Moscow on June 19.
The second day could not have been more absorbing and fascinating.
What was so special about today?

Speakers have shared their expertise

The export session of International Forum "Trade Partnership Practice" organised within the framework of International Commodity Fair 2019 has been carried out. A lot of speakers came here on June 19 to share their knowledge on some pecularities of export to China. There have been high representatives of such companies as Moscow Export Centre, Russian Export Centre, SkyLex Ltd, White Bridge Consulting, Ozon, Liberty Trade Inc, etc.

Talks have taken their place

During the second exhibition day a demonstration of Hi-Tech products has been carried out. Different techical producers from various countries came here today to show the capabilities of their devices. Shaking Tech has demonstrated robots, unique technical devices, appliances... Oh, was there much more!

There have also been successfully carried out different B2B talks. For instance, Russian trade networks have contacted Chinese sellers at Chains Wholesale Centre, and Business Contacts Club has provided common ground for Russian export-oriented companies and Chinese purchasers.
The exhibition ended at 6 pm as had been planned. The producers have covered their stands, tomorrow festival's participants are getting ready. Everything is ripe for the closing day - apogee of ICF-2019!
International Commodity Fair opens tomorrow at 10 am. We are waiting for everyone to visit 'FORUM' pavilion (Expocentre Moscow).
Please come on June 20 to Expocentre! It is going to be a hot tomorrow.