Meet Shaking Tech
a Blogger from China in Mother Russia
Popular blogger from China called Shaking Tech is going to broadcast online his view of the International Commodity Fair 2019 products

Numbers and facts

Shaking Tech is a popular Chinese blogger. He has 278 videos, 3.4 million followers in Tiktok (抖音) and 4.2 million "Likes" altogether.

What he is doing in Russia

During his online-sessions the blogger is going to
1) demonstrate hi-tech products,
2) make online streams on them,
3) explain some details about 'how it works',
4) insert ads in his videos in order for a potential customer to buy products straight from the video streams.

What else you ought to know about Shaking Tech

At International Commodity Fair 2019 the blogger is going to occupy a separate zone. Shaking Tech is going to make video streams on hi-tech products at ICF - as it is his cup of tea. You can register via the link.
Do not miss your chance to meet the blogger on June, 18-20 at Expocentre Moscow! Apply for participation at our partners' website.