Companies from Vladimir region at ICF-2019
From the ancient times and up till now Vladimir region has been widely known for its folk art. This is the place where fine glass dishes and jewelry are made. These you can touch at International Commodity Fair 2019.


This company was established in 1845. All production is hand-made by hereditary glassblowers. In the last three years, new technologies have been worked out by this company. They include traditional national glassblowing methods using new materials and different glass colours.

Gus-Hrustalny Crystal Factory

The factory has been functioning since 1756, being a pioneer and a Flagman of glassblowing industry in Russia. Beauty and fineness of their production is widely known all around the globe. The company makes fine crystal articles which can be ready-made or under the order.


Silver factory ArgentA is a company that is among top ten companies of this industry in Russia. It produces cutlery, dishes, tea and coffee pairs, souvenir collections, spoons for children and so on. All articles are made of Sterling Silver.

Mstersky Goldsmith

The company is a modern factory where the masterpiece of artists and jewelers combined with contemporary equipment and technologies are epitomized in perfect jewelry. They produce dishes, jewelry made of silver mixed with tiny pieces of art inserted in the articles which, by the way, are officially acknowledged as a cultural heritage.

Pokrowsky Jewelry

Pokrovsky is a full-cycle jewelry production factory that has been producing gold and silver finery since 2000. That being said, even today the jewelry is made with as much love and attention as in the very beginning. The factory team of designers is constantly working out new items and projects.
The companies of Vladimir region are going to be present at International Commodity Fair. Do not miss your chance!