Putin to Ma: You are Still So Young
At the Eastern Economic Forum, Putin interrupted a round table discussion when he saw Ma to ask him why he was taking such an early retirement – at the age of 55

What Putin asked

According to a posting on Alibaba's official Weibo social-media account, Putin asked Ma about his retirement. He said, "I'd like to ask that young man sitting over there eating Russian snacks, Jack Ma, you are still so young, why are you retiring?"

What Ma responded

Jack Ma was a bit confused but he told Putin he was no longer a young man. "I spent my 54th birthday in Russia yesterday," Ma responded. "I have been [running Alibaba] for 19 years and achieved something, but there are still many things I hope to accomplish, like education and philanthropy."

Putin laughed and said, "You're younger than me, I'm already 66!"

Now They're Talking

Ma also made several suggestions to Putin, according to mainland China media reports, including the use of online trade road to drive efforts in the Belt and Road Initiative, strengthen Sino-Russian technology cooperation, develop trade, tourism, technology and training, as well as increase support for small-and-medium sized businesses and training for young people.

Source: scmp.com