New Manufacturers from China

Companies in the product category
"Kitchenware & Porcelain"
The list of exhibitors in the product category "Kitchenware and Porcelain" was supplemented by new companies participating in the International Commodity Fair 2019.

Linyi Queenza Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

The company is a professional supplier of chinaware with its own factory. The main products are plates, bowls, cups and saucers, dishes, teapots. Company has been audited by BSCI, Wal-Mart and ISO9001.

Shanghai Rowell Industry Ltd.

Rowell Industry is an international professional manufacturer of premium-class bottles, containers and packaging for the cosmetics industry, including fine glassware, plastic and other materials. Rowell is constantly expanding to world markets in North America, Europe, Asia and the countries of the East.

Fujian Jarhill Co., Ltd.

Fujian Jarhill Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing stainless steel tanks since 2016. Customers from Europe, the Middle East, South Asia and Africa have already managed to evaluate the quality of the company's products. The company also offers the possibility of manufacturing a customer project.

Shanghai Linnix Enterprises Co., Ltd.

The company is an expert in the design and manufacture of ceramic knives and other related products. The company's products satisfied many customers from Japan, Korea, Western Europe and the United States and other countries.

Guangong Nicebuy Industrial Co., Ltd.

Guangong Nicebuy Industrial Co., Ltd. - a professional manufacturer specializing in high-quality silicone and plastic products for the kitchen and dishes. The company offers its potential customers to develop new fashionable products from silicone and plastic.

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