What Russians bought the most in 2018

Analysts from financial portal about markets Equity.today have ranked the most popular goods in Russia. Experts found that Russians are mostly interested in simple bakery products, children's toys and electronics. Read more about the study in the article below.

Most bought items

Last year Russians manifested interest towards household appliances, cheap electronics, chemicals and cosmetics, also towards toys and cheap food (mainly bread, oil, rice etc.)

Analysts note that food is the absolute sales leader. Consumers tend to avoid expensive offers and seek cheaper options. For instance, they take cheese product instead of cheese. Another profitable item is weighted products. Nuts, tea, dried fruits and other small items are usually bought in China or other Asian countries to be sold later in small package with high added value.

Most popular Internet goods

Russians bought the most all kinds of small electronic devices - house and kitchen appliances, gadgets, laptops. Consumers have also been interested in perfumes and cosmetics.

A lion's share of attention is drawn to gifts and toys. People tend to pamper their closest ones with a fluffy present. Unusual things are bought for adults and toys (plush, plastic and radio-controlled) - for children.