Exposition of Manufacturers from the Pskov region
Meet Russian Manufacturers at the International Commodity Fair 2019
New manufacturing companies from the Pskov region will join the International Commodity Fair 2019 and present agricultural products, as well as beauty and health products as part of the joint Russian Export Platform exposition.

Stolbushinskiy Product

The company produces natural, organic food, including sbiten, tea, jam, honey fruits, nuts in honey according to traditional Russian recipes. Production is located in Pushkin Hills, Pskov Region, has existed since 2009.
At the beginning of 2014 a new, quite modern production workshop was commissioned. But despite this, the bulk of the work is still done on the old technology – using manual labor. All products are created according to the revived old Russian recipes, made from environmentally friendly raw materials and certified in accordance with current legislation.



The Vodakom company extracts and sells artesian drinking water and soft drinks, taking into account the tastes and needs of customers. The production of water for companies under its own brand and private label.

Production facilities are located in an area with developed infrastructure and convenient access roads. Water is extracted from licensed artesian well No. 2424, 90m deep. The well is located 30 m from the production and is surrounded by a sanitary zone.

At the moment, the product range includes artesian drinking water of the first category "Varenka", artesian drinking water of the highest category "Kaplya Rosy", conditioned by the content of fluoride ion and iodide ion, the highest category of "Kaplya rosy Iodine Fluoride", artesian drinking water of the first category "Ladya", purified by schungite.


Iron Barber

IRON BARBER is a serious brand of craft men's cosmetics from Pskov, where European aesthetics meets Russian brutality. Inspired by the history of the city and its inexorable nature, we decided to create our own products for real men. We care about the original recipe and use only natural ingredients that are useful for men's skin and hair. In the production process we combine the most courageous men's fragrances, which were inspired by the climate and the nature of our native city.


Красный город

Brand "Krasnyy gorod". Krasnogorodsky Bread Factory was built and began to produce its first bread in 1959 in an area of 1.8 hectares. Throughout the time, the enterprise developed, new workshops were put into operation, production was improved. At the moment, along with bakery products, juices, dried fruits, cranberries in sugar are produced.



"VELTORF" is a modern, actively developing peat enterprise, the largest in the North-West in Russia, a manufacturer of peat-soils and fuel peat. The company is located in the city of Velikie Luki, Pskov region.



The company is a dynamically developing trading and manufacturing enterprise in the Pskov Region. The main areas of the company are the production and processing of weight and packaged nuts, dried fruits and nut-fruit mixtures. Currently, it also produces candied cranberries, rhubarb and pumpkin. The main principle of the company is product quality, which is achieved by a multi-stage control system for raw materials and finished products.
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