Russian President draws conclusions of the OBOR Forum
While answering questions at a press-conference, Vladimir Putin anounced the results of the OBOR Forum
Russian President Vladimir Putin has been working hard for the whole two days of the "One Belt - One Road" Forum. After delivering a speech to the participants of the Forum, Mr Putin had several bilateral meetings - with the presidents of Azerbayjan, Serbia, Cyprus, Egypt etc. In the end the President made several important statements on foreign policy.

Moscow and Beijing: the same road and the same values

The necessity for the Eurasian states to combat protectionism, to integrate economically has become the most pressing issue in Mr Putin's speech. He called on the international community to work out an effective response to the rise of protectionism. Russia's President has also emphasized that nobody wants trade wars except for those who initiate them. So, the One Belt One Road initiative is doomed to prosperity, as the very "liberal values that China stands for are the thing international economy needs the most".

What is OBOR?

"One Belt One Road" initiative has been started by Xi Jinping in 2013. It is an ambitious Chinese project aimed at improving connectivity and communication network across Eurasian region. The project focuses both on the old terrestrial SIlk road way and the maritime Silk road.