The exhibition has started: the first exhibition day

How the first day of the International/ China Commodity Fair is going.

We have significant plans: we have gathered a large conference dedicated to the marketplace.

Opening ceremony

The grand opening started at the very morning at 11:00.

First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs Andrey Denisov, Vice-President of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCME) Shi Yonghong and other high-ranking guests made welcoming speeches.

    Dog robot from Dreame brand - DreameDog

    One of the highlights at the exhibition was the presentation of the Dog robot from the Dreame brand.
    The sensor module allows her to navigate in space in real time, and the Dreame AI Sage computing power engine allows her to accurately identify surrounding objects and plan a safe route. The built-in emotional system allows DreameDog to use vision and hearing, understand human emotions and express her own, almost like a real pet.

    7th Russian-Chinese Forum

    As part of the business program, at the forum experts discussed:
    • logistics in the current conditions;
    • trends in consumer behavior
    • how to bring products to the top with the help of internal advertising;
    • promotion of consumer goods;
    • legal issues in the practice of Russian-Chinese trade and much more.

    250+ companies exibitors

    During all three days, 250+ participating companies from China and Russia are waiting at the site to present consumer goods of various categories.


    The first day was wonderful! Join us on October 30th – November 1st!